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  • In today's challenging economy,

    more and more American's are finding the need to convert valuable investment paper to LUMP SUM Cash just to make ends meet. And unfortunately, these circumstances are unlikely to change in the near future.

    mortgage note buyer
  • If you need LUMP SUM CASH

    and you would like to sell a mortgage note, business note, structured settlement, gaming award or similar annuity, call us today. Our contract buyers will pay TOP DOLLAR for a complete cash out of your note or annuity or will purchase just a portion of your remaining note payments (known as a "partial"). Contact us today for a FREE no-obligation quote on your note or Cash Flow. You'll be glad you did!

  • We not only purchase notes,

    but also work closely with some of the nation's most respected specialty contract buyers to insure you will always receive a top dollar cash out of your annuity, promissory note, or similar payment stream. We offer many flexible sale options to provide you with the LUMP SUM Cash you require such as:

       a purchase of a percentage of your promissory note or your annuity balance
       a purchase of the entire remaining balance of your promissory note or annuity
       a purchase of a series of future payments upon your promissory note or annuity (known as partial)
       any combination of the above

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