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Traditional bank financing can be extremely difficult to obtain when a commercial business is sold privately. In most cases, the seller of the business is required to hold or "carry-back" a significant amount of the sales price in the form of a promissory note in order to finalize the transaction. Often, such notes are the result of one business partner buying out another and while holding such paper can be an excellent source of income, often times the seller of the business will want to "cash out" the note for a variety of reasons.

We purchase Seller Carry-Back Private Business Notes. Our expert contract buyers can provide holders of Carry-Back Business Notes secured by the assets of a business and the personal guarantee of the new owner with LUMP SUM CASH for their entire note or we can simply purchase a series of future payments for a "partial" purchase.

Our Purchase Parameters

  • All Business Types Are Considered
  • We Consider First Lien Positions ONLY!
  • A Personal Guarantee of the Payer is Required
  • Minimum 30% Down Payment. Smaller Amounts Considered on a Case-By-Case Basis
  • Minimum of Three (3) Month's Seasoning


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